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We bought our first Westie, Casey, in 1990. We had done quite a bit of research and believed the Westie was the size, personality and temperament for us. Fortunately, we were right! Casey had a very nice pedigree even though he was not a show dog, and he was everything we had hoped for in a pet. He loved us dearly, but he was lonely for a four-legged companion, so, the following year, we added Abby to our family. She, too, had an excellent pedigree but was not a show dog. Casey and Abby provided us with years of love and affection and, as they grew older, we decided to add a puppy to the mix.

In 1999, Duncan entered our lives and introduced us to the world of showing dogs. At the time, we knew nothing about the dog show world, but we knew we wanted a healthy pup from a good breeder. When we bought him from Patricia Harris, we agreed that we would give the show world a try. If Duncan liked it and was good at it, we would show him to his championship, but if he didnít take to the show ring for any reason, he would be our newest pet. To make a long story short (more details in Duncanís part of the website if you want them), his first weekend in the show ring Duncan won the 6-9 month puppy class at the prestigious Montgomery County Kennel Club show in Pennsylvania. He went to his next show about a month later, at the age of 8 months, and won Terrier Group Two the first day and Terrier Group One the following day!! We were astounded, and, needless to say, we were hooked.

Duncan finished his championship in 2000, right after his first birthday. He was shown on a limited basis and lived with us the entire time. We met his handler, Randell Dickerson, at the shows, and Duncan and Randell took it from there.

When we lost Casey in May of 2003 and then Abby in February of 2004, Duncan needed a new friend. Maggie Brown had met and admired Duncan at several shows and generously offered her already-pointed show bitch, Molly, to us with the hope that we would finish Molly and that she and Duncan would have healthy, lovely puppies. Once again, we couldnít have been more fortunate. Molly came to live with us in May of 2004 and finished in short order.

One of the great days for us in Mollyís show career came in the summer of 2004, when she and Duncan won together. Molly was Winners Bitch and Duncan was Best of Breed under Ms. Patricia Trotter at the Houston Kennel Club show. We were so proud! (Iíve since been told itís called a ďdoubleĒ and that itís very rare.)

In the fall of 2005, Molly and Duncan had a lovely litter of four pups. This litter was the first for our new kennel, West Rim Westies. Two of the girls, Katie and Callie, finished quickly, and Katie still lives with us. We co-own Callie with a wonderful man, Joe Molloy, and she now lives with him on a beautiful horse farm in Virginia. The other two, a boy and a girl, are living the life of leisure in pet homes. We are hoping to breed both Katie and Callie soon and continue the tradition of producing happy, healthy Westies.

Stevann S. and John C. Wilson
May 2008

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