Duncan 2003

The first weekend in March of 2003, Duncan teamed up with handler Scott Sommer to sweep the four-day cluster in San Antonio. In addition to winning the breed every day, he took 2 Terrier Group Twos and a Terrier Group Three. He is shown above winning Terrier Group Two at the San Antonio Kennel Club show on March 9 from Judge Judy A. Doniere.


The following two weekends, Duncan swept the Texas Specialties. He is pictured left winning the WHWTC of Southeast Texas Specialty from Judge Charles J. Foley on March 14 and right winning the Trinity Valley WHWTC Specialty from breeder-judge Ms. Dawn Martin on March 21.


In June, Duncan won back-to-back Terrier Group Ones at the Acadiana Kennel Club shows in Louisiana.
Hes pictured left with Judge Anne Katona and right with Judge Keke Kahn.

As he had in 2002, Duncan showed on a limited basis throughout 2003, but he consistently placed in the Terrier Group,
finishing the year with 2 Group Ones, 5 Group Twos, and 3 Group Threes, in addition to his 18 BOB wins. This winning record earned Duncan his second consecutive invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

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