Duncan 2004

Here is Duncan starting the year in March with a Terrier Group Three from Ms. Paula Hartinger at San Antonio Kennel Club, Inc.


In June, Duncan won back-to-back Terrier Group Threes at Calcasieu Kennel Club in Louisiana from judges Mr. Ronald R. Krohne (pictured) and Mr. George J. Heitzman.


Houston Kennel Club, Ms. Patricia Trotter
Best Of Breed


Galveston County K C,
Ms. Gay Dunlap Best Of Breed


Beaumont Kennel Club, Mr. Robert Stein
 Best Of Breed


Beaumont Kennel Club, Mr. R. Stein
 Terrier Group Two

In July, Bergit and Hans Kabel guided Duncan to a three-day sweep of the Houston Reliant all-breed shows. In addition to winning the breed three consecutive days (pictured above), Duncan won Terrier Group Three from Col. Joe B. Purkhiser at Houston Kennel Club.
(pictured below), and Terrier Group Two from Mr. Robert Stein at Beaumont Kennel Club (pictured above lower right).

Duncan-Animal PlanetWeb

Duncan had another terrific year in 2004, with numerous Terrier Group placements and an impressive 39 Best of Breed wins. He and Bergit are pictured above winning BOB from Judge Dorothy McDonald at the prestigious Burbank Kennel Club show and breeder-judge Mr. Robert J. Shreve at the Idaho Capital City Kennel Club show.

Duncan finished 2004 in the Top Ten Westies All-Systems and received his third consecutive invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. On that very happy note, Duncan moved into semi-retirement and now makes only an occasional appearance in the ring.

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